Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

We have become a reference player in consumables solutions for the hygiene markets.

The very nature of our professions calls for the greatest professional awareness at every moment.

Within this framework and in accordance with the good practices we have developed, our Values Charter is intended to be a reference point for our employees in the exercise of their professional life.

Its application is based on Management’s responsibility, an annual compliance commitment and ethical reporting that everyone will express during their annual meeting.

The Management would be grateful if you, together with your management, could ensure that the Values Charter governs the daily life of individuals and groups in the exercise of your professional activities, whether they are carried out on our own behalf or with third parties.

Deputy CEO




For MP HYGIENE, achieving and maintaining a high level of profitability is a duty to its shareholders, its employees and all its stakeholders.


Honesty, integrity and loyalty govern the practices and decisions of MP HYGIENE and its employees in all circumstances. The group scrupulously respects the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates.

Customer satisfaction

As a guarantee of the group’s development, its sustainability and therefore its ability to meet its commitments to its stakeholders, customer satisfaction mobilises all the company’s resources and skills.

Sustainable development

Satisfying our customers while being profitable and integrity must also be done in a sustainable development logic. We are committed to using as few resources as possible to satisfy our customers and manufacture our products. We develop products that comply with environmental labels. Our manufacturing processes strictly respect the laws and regulations of the countries where we operate. Sustainable development involves all of our employees and partners.



Suppliers and subcontractors

MP HYGIENE intends to establish, within a competitive framework, sustainable partnership relationships with its suppliers and subcontractors in order to provide its customers with the best level of services. MP HYGIENE is committed to ensuring that recurring suppliers in direct contact with its businesses, subcontractors, financial partners, consultants and commercial intermediaries (distributors, agents, etc.) adhere to the Responsible Purchasing Charter, which in fact constitutes a commitment to respect the clauses of the Charter of values of MP HYGIENE.

MP HYGIENE is committed, from the consultation phase, to fair, equitable, objective and respectful relations with all its suppliers, subcontractors and partners.

MP HYGIENE protects their image and confidential data as if they were their own. MP HYGIENE reserves the right to verify the compliance of its suppliers’ and subcontractors’ practices with the MP HYGIENE Values Charter at any time, and throughout the supply chain for goods and services.

In their role as suppliers, subsidiaries are treated with fairness and respect equal to that of other suppliers.

Conflict of interest

Each employee demonstrates loyalty and immediately declares to the hierarchy any situation in which his personal interest or that of one of his relatives is likely to come into conflict with the interests of the entities of the MP HYGIENE group in the exercise of its activities.

This includes relationships with identified suppliers, customers, competitors and any organisation or person in relation to or seeking to enter MP HYGIENE. Employees must refrain from intentionally placing themselves in a conflict of interest situation, and must not participate in any analysis, meeting or decision concerning files in which their personal interest or that of their loved ones is involved.

A spouse, child or relative of a member of the group may be recruited or sent on assignment only after agreement of the hierarchy to whom the same rules are necessary, and on objective criteria, in order to avoid any ambiguity or suspicion of favouritism. The member concerned by this link cannot participate in the selection of his relative.

Conflicts of interest that are brought to the attention of the hierarchy are analysed on a case-by-case basis.

It resolves the conflict in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Insider trading

The hierarchy and the staff are aware of all matters of professional confidentiality and are informed of their duty of discretion towards their relatives; they are warned of the insider trading that may result.

Prohibition of discrimination and respect for privacy

Each employee undertakes not to discriminate in relation to age, sex, origin, family status, sexual orientation, morals, genetic characteristics, ethnicity, nation, race, physical appearance, disability, health, pregnancy, surname, political opinion, religious belief, and union activity.

Each employee treats with respect and politeness the members of his team, the other employees of the group, and generally any person with whom he has a professional relationship. He respects their privacy and undertakes not to disclose any information of which he may have had knowledge, incidentally or as a result of his activity.

Each manager takes care to respect the balance between the professional and private lives of his employees. MP HYGIENE does not tolerate any form of moral or sexual harassment and prohibits any behaviour that tends to create an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.


  • General attitudes

Zero tolerance for corruption.

Objectivity and integrity govern the relations of the Group’s employees with the public services, its customers, its suppliers and its partners. Any finding of active or passive corruption, any solicitation of a third party tending to such corruption, shall be immediately reported to the hierarchy, which shall take immediate measures to verify its reality, in particular by carrying out the appropriate audits, and to put an immediate end to such acts if they are proven.

MP HYGIENE prohibits corruption in all its forms, public and private, active and passive. MP HYGIENE shall in particular refrain from making, proposing, promising or soliciting, directly or indirectly, a payment or a supply of a service, gift or leisure of a value greater than that legally allowed, to political staff, to public or private agents, in order to obtain or keep illegally a market or a commercial advantage.

Employees must avoid any situation where they find themselves, even momentarily, obliged to a third party, any situation simply ambiguous, any ambiguous allusion of this order.

  • Presents

MP HYGIENE recognizes that the acceptance or occasional offer of gifts or invitations of modest value can sometimes legitimately contribute to good business relationships. However, in both the public and private sectors, gifts or invitations given or received by employees are done in a fully transparent manner and in accordance with the law and regulations. They should never have any influence on decision-making, nor should they be perceived to have such an influence on donors and beneficiaries. In this respect, employees must demonstrate sound judgement and a keen sense of responsibility.

If an employee has to accept or give a gift or an invitation of value to respond to a local custom or for reasons of protocol or other, he must contact the hierarchy at the appropriate level which will take, as soon as possible, appropriate measures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Payments

Any group entity and any person responsible must be able to justify at all times the actual origin and use of any sum.

No settlement can be made or received if its purpose is not fully and accurately described in the contractual and accounting documents that must materialize it. No settlement technique for the purpose or effect of maintaining the anonymity of a payer or payee is permitted.

All contracts with commercial intermediaries must have been duly covered in advance by the Legal and Financial Departments.

  • Reputation and brand image

A key asset of MP HYGIENE is its reputation.

Employees are careful, on a daily basis, not to do or say anything that could alter the reputation, image or credit of MP HYGIENE

In national and international relations, the respect due to the place of reception prohibits any denigration, ostentatious or uncivil behaviour, casualness towards the interlocutors.

Intangible heritage

Employees take care to protect the confidential data of the group, stamped or not, against intrusion, theft, loss, degradation, misappropriation, disclosure, reproduction, falsification, use for non-professional, illicit or non-transparent purposes, and in particular on the internet and intranet.

This includes protecting technical and management data, customer files, leads and suppliers, software, passwords, documentation and plans, methods and know-how, factory secrets, hand tricks and settings, intellectual and industrial property, forecasts, contracts and agreements, cost and selling prices excluding catalogues, strategic or commercial objectives, research and development information, financial and social information, names and contact details of specialists and experts.

Primacy of our values

Anyone who receives an order clearly contrary to the Charter of Values of MP HYGIENE is legitimate not to comply with it, must simultaneously refer to the group management to ascertain it, and cannot be worried for this reason if the facts are proven.

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