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Pure pulp

Tissue paper represents a solution which optimizes quality, hygiene, safety and satisfaction:

Our products are made of pure tissue paper and have the label Origine France Garantie.

Our wiping paper is eco-friendly and has been certified by the ECOLABEL, FSC and PEFC standards.

Pure tissue paper is the healthiest solution for both the planet and the consumers, when it comes from FSC and PEFC managed forest and labeled Ecolabel, FSC, PEFC.

In fact pure tissue wiping paper guarantees maximum hygiene when compared with other wiping solutions such as blown air because it limits the spread of particle and bacteria in the air.

User satisfaction is also an important argument for wiping paper. There is no noise pollution and it’s the softest wiping method for skin. A pure tissue paper respects the sensitivity of hands which are often under attack.

A pure tissue paper offers the ultimate confidence and is guaranteed free of other pollutants that may be present in other wiping solutions.