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Paper wipes & dispensers

Paper wipes are more hygienic, efficient, economical, ecological and of superior quality than other means of drying hands.


• Hand towel roll
• Folded hand towel
• Kitchen roll
• Centerpull roll
• Industrial roll
• Napkin

Soaps and solutions for hand hygiene

Tifon® is a full range of hand hygiene soaps. Products are formulated, tested, produced and packaged in France. This internal production allows a greater control of quality and product characteristics.


Cleansing lotion
• Cleansing gel
• Cleansing cream
• Microbeads soap
• Hydroalcoholic gel
• Cleansing and disinfecting solution
• Disinfectant wipe
• Cleansing wipe


Non-woven wipes

Ecotex® all purpose or specialist wipers give you the best solution for your daily needs or heavy duty.


• Towel
• Kitchen wipe
• Industrial wiping

Disposable protection

MP hygiene creates disposable protection items, ensures they comply with standards, and has them manufactured. The jet® range offers reliable solutions as well as a complete range of disposable protection. Items contribute to protection and hygiene.


• Coverall
• Coat
• Apron
• Visitor kit
• Bouffant cap
• Chef hat
• Hat
• Glove