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The certification provides customers that request FSC-certified product with the assurance that the products they purchase are sourced from managed forests or from verified recycled sources.

Learn more : http://www.fsc.org


A PEFC-certified product ensures a sustainable and responsible management of the forests.

Learn more : http://www.pefc-france.org


Ecolabel is an European certificate awarded by national authorities according to common rules. Attribution criteria are defined at the European level following wide common references. The European Ecolabel allows to give a concrete and objective answer to the environmental questions and expectations of customers.

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The Ecolabel criteria are agreed at European level, following wide consultation with experts, and the label itself is only awarded after verification that the product meets these high environmental and performance standards.

Every step of the production is assessed, from the forest management to the end-product converting.


The 8-criteria:

  • Restricted emissions to air and water (COD, P, S, NOX, AOX, CO2)
  • Restricted energy use
  • Legal and sustainable forest management
  • Restricted hazardous chemical substances used for production
  • Safety of end-products (tested for hazardous chemical substances)
  • Waste management at all steps of production
  • Fitness for use
  • Consumer information


The criteria are set at a level which favours obtaining the label for soaps and shampoos which have less environmental impact than the average of the products put on the market.


The 4-criteria:

  • Aim at criteria:We avoid water pollution by limiting the quantity of ingredients that are potentially harmful and the total toxic impact of the product.
  • Limiting waste production by reducing the quantity of packaging.
  • Limiting or preventing the risks for the environment linked to the use of dangerous substances.
  • Familiarizing consumers with the protection of the environment.



The Tifon® Ecolabel range responds clearly to the interest that the market is currently taking with regard to environmental concerns.

By doing this we guarantee that the products are made sustainably and that the formulations respect nature.