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Ultra resistant DESL® wiping paper

It offers a very high quality product in terms of dry and especially wet strength. For an equivalent quantity it offers 30% more strength and is much more economical.
With ultra resistant DESL® wiping paper comes from the combination of the best paper and converting technologies.

The technology consists in three main production phases:

  • Firstly the fibres undergo an enzyme treatment. This enzyme treatment (active live particles) creates a sticking surface that is almost 100% vs 60% in a normal process.

  • The second stage of the optimisation process is possible thanks to the double press. MP hygiene - Papeterie d’Annonay has an unique, latest generation double press installed in France. Compared to the single press system this allows better compacting of the fibres.

  • The third main stage in the DESL® technology creates high resistance via the embossing. The embossers use an unique 40 points/cm2 design vs 20 points/cm2 for the standard process. The gluing points are twice the market standard and the design of our embossers means that 100% of the properties of the paper are kept. The paper therefore gives maximum strength in wet and dry states.

Ultra resistant DESL® is an high autonomy wiping paper. It’s the result of the best gluing of the folds in the paper, optimal compacting of the fibres and 40 points embossing with an unique design which doesn’t break the fibre.

DESL® is the technological solution which combines a strict selection of the best certified fibers which produces a very high autonomy.

DESL® offers a product which benefits from a new technology similar to TAD.

The characteristics are similar in terms of wet strength, dry strength, autonomy and especially the DESL® wiping paper is much more economic.