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AUTOCUT® BY MP hygiene

Hand towel roll manual dispenser sheet by sheet


MP hygiene has developed a new mechanism to obtain a 235mm perforation. It’s the most competitive on the market. Autocut® new mechanism has also been improved to be softer and reduce noise.

Moreover Autocut® keeps its advantage of being one of the most robust dispensing system on the market. Autocut® meets HACCP guidelines.

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Easy installation, maintenance & less run out

  • Constant visual control
  • Easy refilling and large capacity
  • Secured by a key on both sides
  • Universal back plate holes
  • Easily replaceable parts
  • 2-year warranty

Cost savings & reduced waste

  • Sheet by sheet dispensing
  • Effective automatic cutting system


  • User only touch the paper they use
  • No contact with the dispenser


Autocut® system is optimized with DESL®+ wiping paper